What to expect when the sun transits Sagittarius


The Sagittarius Sun will have Aries thinking about enhancing your education either formally or on your own. This can be through practical studies or spiritually esoteric ones. Either will be rewarding to you; it's just how you want to use the knowledge you gain. Higher education may be good for your ego and pocket book, but Spiritual endeavors can be good for your Soul and Higher Self. It's up to you; both will be equally useful for you on different planes. After this month is over, you can incorporate the information into your role as a natural born leader.


The Sagittarius Sun will have Taurus looking at the mysteries surrounding birth, death and transformation. These sensitive subjects will activate your sensitive compassionate side. You are described as the materialistic one of the Zodiac, who loves their creature comforts. You are also one of the most generous so learning more about the mystical will be a benefit when it comes to sharing with family, friends and everyone you meet. A deep understanding how the Spiritual Mysteries work may allow you to easily recognize what others need.


During the month of Sagittarius, Gemini will be interested in relationships of all kinds, but especially the romantic kind. Your gift of gab will be helpful here as you can discover every little thing about anyone who catches your eye as long as listening is as important as asking the right questions. As much as you love talking, let him or her share so you'll learn who is soulmate material and who isn't. If the opportunity for creating a business partnership comes up, give it some thought. This is a good time to move forward to make it happen.


The Sagittarius Sun will have Cancer focused on organizing everything in your life and getting your health on track. You really have it in you to have a place for everything with everything in its place because you love neat surroundings. You are the big nurturer of the zodiac and becoming more organized will make it easier to put your focus on the needs of family, friends and everyone you care about. Pay attention to what your body is saying this month, especially if you haven't had a check up recently. Schedule an appointment for peace of mind. You need to be healthy to take care of those you love and nurture.


The Sun in Sagittarius will have Leo focused on the spotlight, stepping out there where you'll be seen having fun and bringing out your inner child. And this month you can carry it to the extreme. If the acting bug has been nibbling at you, check out community theaters where you can audition and become a hometown star. Or just play the kid again and do everything you loved to do whether it's going to the local park to swing and climb the monkey bars or running through Disneyland on a three-day pass. You can either shine center stage when the month is over or be the shining star at the center of the universe.


Virgo will be focused on home, family and keeping both feet on the ground, which you do naturally. You also need to be a nurturer this month and show your loved ones how much you care for them in real hands-on ways, which will be an easy task because organization and perfection in everything you do are natural attributes. But some times those around you think that you aren't always present for them because you can be so detail oriented. Map out all the details and show them how nurturing and present you really are.


While the Sun moves through Sagittarius, communication skills will be on the mind of Libra. You have an uncanny ability to get along with anyone, so this is natural for you and is near and dear to your heart. You are an accomplished communicator already and can converse with the best of them, probably better than most. The gift of gab makes it easy for you sell ice for igloos in the dead of winter. Besides, everyone loves a Libra and would love to have a conversation with you. All you have to do is turn on the charm.


With the Sun in Sagittarius, Scorpio will be thinking about your finances, security and future. This is the month to go over all of your financial plans and to secure the most return for the investment. It's also the time to check all of your security systems that protect all your accounts as well as properties, home and vehicles. Most Scorpios are known for delving into all aspects of life so doing the research to insure your future comes naturally for you. You may even want to connect with other worldly sources to make sure you've made the right decision.


While the Sun is in Sagittarius, your own sign, Sagittarius needs to focus on the little self and the Self. One is how you are seen by others out in the world and what they think of you; the other is the true essence of who you are on the Universal plane and the one that matters more. You generally have the ability to let what others think about you roll off your back because of the sense of laissez faire you possess. But this is the month to really show what your are made of, not for others, but for your own highest good.


For Capricorn, the Sun in Sagittarius will have you thinking about Spiritual life and connections. This may be out of your wheelhouse because you are more in tune with hard work and astute money management than the Great Mysteries of Life. But this is the time to connect with psychic and intuitive powers that will help you uncover miraculous things you may never known existed. Stay focused and open so you'll recognize everything that comes to you. That will be easy because you have been known to focus on things for hours on end. Use it this month.


While the Sun moves through Sagittarius, Aquarius will focus on the humanitarian side of life and what you can do to help others, especially the less fortunate. You are a gifted speaker and can talk to anyone so it will be easy for you to connect with those people with big bank accounts and the CFOs who control the purse strings of companies or corporations, all who are more than capable of donating to your causes. You are adept at having everyone eating out of your hand, which will be great for when you want the big dollar donations for your humanitarian projects.


The Sun in Sagittarius will have Pisces focused on your career and reputation, which means you need to have both feet on terra firma rather than out in the ethereal realm. Honing you skills for career advancement and how the professional world sees you is something you may need to work on as well as doing the work literally rather that esoterically. While you may prefer the Spiritual Plane, you still are living on the Earthly one, so increasing your earning power will allow you time to share your compassion with the world.

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