"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift"
-Albert Einstein

Consciousness and Healing:
The 13 dimensions of consciousness
100 Ways to raise your consciousness
Ascension and the Dimensions
Color Therapy
Crystals for EMF Protection
Full moon and human consciousness
Healing Crystals
How to be a healing presence
Masaru Emoto: Hidden Messages in Water
Musical Frequencies
Sending Energy To Someone
Types of Psychic Abilities
We can predict the future
What is Parapsychology?
What is a Psychic Attack
What is your consciousness level?
What triggers the brain to produce a religious experience?
What is Remote Viewing
What star system did you come from?

Guided Earth Meditation
Mindfulness with Jon Kabat
Meditation makes you smarter
Tree Grounding Meditation

Personal Development:
10 Signs to know You are a Psychic
Could Your Empathic Abilities Really Be Clairsentience?
Clairvoyance and how can you attain it
Discovering You
How do you know if you're clairaudient?
How to read Auras
Nasa confirms super human abilities through sungazing
Psychic chords and Attachment
Sign Language
SLIders: Who and what they are
Symptoms Of Psychic Abilities
Telekinesis and Psychokinesis Information
Vortex Energy
What is Earthing (Grounding)?
What is a light worker?
Which Spiritual Gift Is Your Strongest?

Philosophy and Religion:
5 Element System
9 Theories about reality that will blow your mind
10 Signs You've Met Someone From Your Soul Group
Airplane Boy: A Story on Reincarnation
Babemba Tribe: Possibilities of love Vs Punishment
Condor and eagle prophecy
DNA Upgrade and christ consciousness
I Dream a world by Langston Hughes
Messages from Arch angel Gabriel
Pleiadian self healing prophecy
Pleiadian Traits
Pleiadians: is mind control real?
Psychic Vampires and what they are
Spirit of the Elder
Spiritual pictures
The return of christ consciousness and quetzalcoatl


Shamanism and Indigenous Spirituality:
Animals and Their Planets
Land animals


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