Metaphysical Explanations of Diseases:
Teeth are associated with money, the kidneys with the family!

If you are of those who believe that everything happens for a reason, then you absolutely clear that our physical manifestations of the disease just a reflection of how we feel in relation to ourselves. What are we and why our body says we can easily understand if we look from a metaphysical perspective.

The human body is a unity of mind, body and soul, who works in a very simple way, all depend on each other and on the perfect balance between these three. Harmonic functioning of the whole system is based on the fact that all the parts work in their optimum stress. When something happens to the system out of balance in energy layers of the body, one will or otherwise to modify the balance of system functions and the body will be found in a state of stress, so any illness or pain can be interpreted as a direct message explaining that balance system is disturbed. Many diseases or blockages occur on more subtle levels of the body much earlier than is evident in our physical body, and even the slightest sign of illness should be seen as a sign that the system is not working in their ideal conditions.

Some spiritual traditions of healing believe that the disease is actually a friend of the soul because it will just make a person think and reconstruct his whole life to find a cure. On the esoteric point of view, illness or pain is not a cause but a consequence of exposure, intake, quality and frequency of dissonant energy that circling around us. Thus, disease or pain can be seen as a warning of something that is done to us, and it affects the overall harmony of mind, body and mind. Accordingly, from a holistic point of view there is an explanation for each disease or pain in a part of the body:

HAIR - the way in which we shape your hair is the most direct personal statements of individuals on their preferred role in life. Often the look that we want to show the opposing internal tendencies and hair loss may coincide with the rapid changes in the image of himself, often due to traumatic experiences.

Scalp - refers to the spiritual sensitivity. As living tissue located on the highest part of the body refers to the contact with higher truth. Therefore, conflicts over religious attitudes, philosophy or severe mental phenomena that are difficult to handle can cause development problems with the skin on the scalp.

SKIN - refers to the social sensitivity. Any trauma or conflict can cause sympathetic skin reaction at the site of the body is related to the issue of stress. A holistic perspective, eczema, rashes or any other problem with the skin results from the internal sensitivity which face considerable challenges to be overcome.

Brain and nervous system - information processing and how to deal with them represents a powerful influence on our lives. If an overload with information and conflicting ideas about reality, the reaction may be sympathetic response of the brain and nervous system that are responsible for processing the data, and will be manifested in the form of headache, migraine, meningitis and other diseases, and pain associated with the nervous system.

Skull - a holistic point of view, our ability to be a unique type of person is located in the bones of the skull. Injuries or illnesses that affect this area indicate the difficulties that we have to stay what we are. How to resolve the possible problem with its own with identity, it is necessary to examine the events or circumstances that may force you to such changes.

FACE - shows one's true feelings. From the purposes of concealing or disproving our real feelings and forcing a person to express a feeling that is not honest, a person can respond to a variety of symptoms ranging from partial paralysis to inflammation, rashes, neurological tics or other abnormalities. Holistic is a recommendation only fully express sincere emotion although it often requires changes in human relations.

Ears - are used to receive messages, and as such, constantly burdened receiving messages other people tell us about their feelings, needs and opinions. When, for any reason we can not receive this message or they believe, can appear sympathetic response in the ear and ear canal of tinnitus, over the pain and inflammation but to hearing loss. Such reactions show that there is no obstacle that we can not cope, and one of the typical examples of the ear pain in children that experience because not accustomed to the amount of messages they receive in the classroom by other students, teachers and parents together. While some conditions of hearing do not respond to holistic treatment, it is generally recommended to take a break in receiving messages while stress persists. It should be noted that some cases of auditory abnormalities associated with unusual mental states, including spiritual communication.

EYES - the recognition of objective facts. The clashes, between our inner vision and the fact that we see, and in fact they do not want to admit, can lead to a sympathetic response in the form of pain, visual loss or other disorders. In such cases it is recommended to admit the truth itself and see things more realistically. Note: there are some things we can see and which challenge every conventional notion of reality. No matter whether it is a hallucination, clairvoyance or visions, these events can only accept introspection and linking these events with the reality of what can surpass our expectations and understanding.

SINUSES - way through which we register sublime messages. People are not always completely open to each other about their real feelings. The signals transmitted orally and in a quiet, emotional level sometimes differ. In such situations, the sinus cavities in the face and skull may have an answer in the form of pressure, blockages and infections, which informs us that we receive mixed and contradictory signals. Holistic recommendation is communication; questioning others about their feelings and express their own, until we find a source of pressure.

NOSE - the sense of smell is one of the senses we use on the animal level, instinctively, but our civilized way of life we are not taught to recognize its full meaning. Known as the most direct sensory journey into the brain, the smell tells us about the level of our security, social welcome and natural connection with others. When we try to overcome this instinctively, without conscious knowledge, we can experience a response in the form of bleeding nose, blocking, pressure and other forms of disorder. The solution is to ensure their greater personal space and surround yourself with people and other "smells" in which we will only enjoy.

LIPS - no other part of the body does not reflect our emotions as lips. Smiling or frowning, opened with impatience and trembling with emotion, his lips are almost a barometer of human emotion. When our feelings to others severely traumatized, we can experience a sympathetic response in the form of herpes, inflammation or other painful conditions and even damage to the nerves that control the lips and mouth. Holistic recommendation is honest communication and return to a sense of social desirability.

Mouth, teeth and gums - these three is associated with income, because regardless of the wealth, we all live so that you earned it necessary - the food, but for the unity of body, mind and spirit of every income actually means - food. Therefore, when we go through financial stress or change, we can experience a response in the form of pain, infection or other trauma teeth, gums or oral cavity. To solve these problems, it is recommended to reduce stress-related career, finances or other matters related to obtaining "food".

NECK - in structural terms, the only true meaning of the door is to keep your head, but in a holistic sense, when we experience conflict between ideals and reality, we can experience neck pain, inflammation of the nerves, difficulty in turning the head or problems with the cervical vertebrae. A solution would be to find ways to reduce the gap between idealization and facts - do not ideals to be more realistic or more ideal reality, or both, all in order to eliminate tension and again held his head upright.

THROAT - has a unique role ingestion (food and drink) or expression (words or sounds), but sometimes these two functions are mixed, and we do, "swallow the words" (his or someone else's). The sympathetic response can come in the form of sore throat, loss of voice, and even difficulty swallowing, a solution would be to distinguish whether it is about whether we have wedged down the throat or we swallow the words that we really wanted to say. If we do not recognize and do not solve the problem in time, it is possible to develop and strong viral or bacterial infection, which then require medical attention.

SHOULDER - used to carry cargo and it is the only body that can bear the burden of a long time. It is this sense of unity with the body, mind and spirit. Every time when we are stressed or we are faced with changes, such as too many responsibilities at work, we may experience a response in the form of pain, loss of power or inflammation of the nerves of the area. The recommendation is to reduce the workload, although this is easier said than done, in many cases. Often we feel that we have not done all the work for it others as I can and our state will be worse of course, but instead should be better when we understand from where the problem comes. Since massage, heat, acupuncture, chiropractic and other treatments can reduce pain caused by stress due to work load, many people will continue to exaggerate the support in spite of them the body is advised to stop. Eventually, the body will insist that this load stops, but the end result will occur severe anxiety and distress.

Upper limbs - most others. How to reach out to the other depends on us and them, problems achieving or difficult relationship can cause trauma that will cause pain, weakness, numbness or other discomfort in the hands. Holistic recommendations relating to finding the causes of stress and its removal. This requires working on it, and sometimes on other people, with a focus on the relationship and connection.

WRIST - related to the attitude towards social relations. We all have the attitude to relationships that can be seen in the use of wrist when placing your hand in certain positions. When there is a conflict in our attitude towards social relationships can get the answers in the form of pain, inflammation of the joints, weakness or other abnormalities of the joints. The solution lies in the discovery of the trauma and its correction through the rebuilding of self-esteem and social "hold".

Hands and fingers - are our tools for work and for the unity of mind, body and spirit represent our interest in life. Whatever we "put in our hands", such as career, our relationship to it is reflected in the strength and health of our hands and fingers. Any sudden trauma or changes in our working skills can cause a response in the form of pain or other problems in hands. As to solve these problems it is necessary to re-evaluate their professional skills and performance, and to seek a less stressful and more comfortable.

Ribs and torso - represent the limit of our personal space. If we have this personal space violated, we can experience the answer in the form of injury, pain or other problems. Holistic recommendation is to determine how disturbed and under what circumstances, and find a way to adjust or how to solve it.

LUNGS - personal space emotion. Pressure emotion or excess emotional worry, when we can not get enough space to be entirely his, can trigger a response in the form of problems with asthma attacks, coughing, respiratory infections and other diseases. Holistic recommendation is restructuring the way of life in order again "to breath".

Heart and arteries - stay in "flow". We are all related to people, places and things that we like and which we believe. When this "flow of life", we have been committed by any means, becomes not viable for us, we experience various problems associated with the cardiovascular system, arrhythmia, heart failure and up. It is recommended that a thorough review of their obligations in life; career through leisure activities with families and seeking areas of obligations no longer support the happy flow of life. It is also advisable to periodically update in order to reduce the effect of stress on these vital organs.

Diaphragm and heart - the driving force of personal preference. Of the many human emotions, the desire is among the most important emotions for our happiness. When we can not get what we want, we can become angry, frustrated, depressed or lethargic, and we can expect a sympathetic response from the diaphragm and heart. Holistic recommendation is to restore an honest assessment of our desires and find what prevents the return of a sense of satisfaction.

Metabolic Endocrine System - is obedience to authority. We all government what we think authority, no matter if this law, partners, family, tradition, authority or divine destiny. These rulers rule over us through the profound psychological impacts that affect the secretion of endocrine glands, which leads to obesity, exhaustion, insomnia and other metabolic changes. The output is in the re-evaluation of what the government over us, looking for ways to change their impact on us. The basic principle is that none of us is not only a servant, and that we can not spend your life in obedience to others. Luckily, instead of duty, is the key to healthy living.

LIVER - spirit or soul did not recognize the medical authorities, yet have profound implications for our benefit. Every time we experience disharmony spirit can experience the sympathetic response of the liver, an organ in the body that does the same thing as the soul of the Self, because the liver cleanses the body and stored nutrients in the blood stream for future use. Imbalance soul or spirit can lead to impurities in the blood, hardening or inflammation of the liver and other potentially life-threatening condition. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to make a spiritual cleansing, find areas of self-judgment, guilt, shame or other spiritual crisis.

Bile - the ability to critically analyze and wise judgment. Bile is "analytical acids" that secreted by the liver and which is stored in the gall bag for secretion of the digestive organ where "analyzes" food. Every time when we are under great stress, because analyzing things that happen in our lives, we can experience interference in the form of an imbalance of digestive acids that can lead to indigestion, inflammation of the gallbladder, gallstones and the like. The recommendation was accurate analysis of stress and often will work on relationships or situations where we have not been properly critical because we have not expressed their sincere opinion which we ordered their own sense of justice.

STOMACH - satisfying ambitions. Our personal appetite and ability to digest (analysis) is reflected primarily in the stomach. Every time we go through a change of ambition (or appetite for success) in life, we can experience a variety of problems with the stomach, nausea (desire for rejection of past ambitions), lack of appetite (uncertainty about what we really want in life) to the nervous stomach (whether our ambitions will be successful), and it is possible the development of stomach ulcers (overemphasis on the success of our ambitions). Holistic recommended a thorough analysis of what we consider a success.

Small intestine - efficiency is a natural extension of our ambition, and it is reflected in the function of the small intestine where food is "served" and systematically reduces the useful elements. When our ability to achieve the objectives as "grinding obstacle" impaired, we can experience problems in this area in the form of spasms, pain, gas or other digestive problems. It is recommended to re-evaluate his career and goals in the form of logical problem solving, and thus improve efficiency.

SPLEEN - fostering family relationships. When food is reduced to the useful elements, they are sent to the spleen, which are distributed in the body via the blood which is the mirror reflection of nurturing family relationships. When we have problems with the care of the family can experience the answer in the form of poor assimilation of food or inability to correct use of inputs of nutrients which can cause bloating, diarrhea, fatigue or pain in the middle of the back and abdominal area. Holistic recommendation is spiritual counseling about family relationships which will be aimed at nurturing relationships.

Pancreas and blood sugar levels - our personal "sweetness" (goodness). One of the essential nutrients in the body's blood sugar, most usable nutrient that after digestion by the blood. Pancreas which regulates the sugar level is determined and the amount of sugar in the blood. Every time we have a problem with its own sweetness - goodness, we can experience a response in the form of imbalances in blood sugar including hypoglycemia and diabetes. The recommendation is to consider their own sweetness - goodness, if we are too good, therefore unable to express anger, frustration and their personal needs.

Colon appendix and rectum - release the past. After we digest our experiences, we have to send them away, just as it does with the body digested food. When we have problems with the release of past experience, regardless of whether they are guilty or attachment to the status quo situation, we experience a sympathetic response from the lower part of the intestine, leading to pain, inflammation, bleeding or even perforation and rupture. Holistic recommendation is to allow the release of past situations and emotions and relationships, which are no longer good for us, just as the body works with yesterday's digested food.

KIDNEYS - healing bloodline. Our bloodline, genetic family or household is equally able to dismiss the past as well as each individual. Old traditions, stresses due to abuse, religious attitudes and many other traumatic legacy that can make it impossible to meet relations, can cause intolerable problems and lead to answers kidney, organs that perform the function of purifying the blood which leads to infection, kidney stones or even kidney failure . For healing is necessary to leave the family forced patterns, beliefs and behaviors that lead to discord. Although this may lead to interpersonal stress it will have a healing effect on the kidneys. Family traditions are only valuable if they are healthy for all members of the family line.

Bladder - the release of social pressures. Water body / mind / spirit represents divided emotions. Every time we have problems that our society shares with us the emotions, we can experience difficulties in the discharge of urine from the bladder. On the other hand, the social situations that are under pressure can lead to incontinence or infections in the urinary tract. Sexually transmitted viruses, as a social disease, are another indicator of excessive emphasis on relationships in society. Holistic recommendations of the release of the pressure, finding ways to relax in how society views us and how we fit into society.

REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS - recreating life. Regardless of gender, each of us has the ability to give life to the almost divine level, through sexual reproduction, as well as other acts of creativity. From art to social change, there are many ways of re-creation of life and all for the unity of mind, body and spirit symbolized as sexual organs and their functions. Although we all know that sexual attraction exists as reproductive reason, we often overlook the fact that it is a holistic point of view, any sexual desire actually desire to recreate the living people and generally creation. If someone is suffering from dysfunction of sexual organs, should be viewed in detail his sexual desire, trying to see it as a desire for re-creation. Stress or dysfunction of sexual organs holistic means a crisis of creativity.

SPINE - refers to our attitude and philosophy. That's how we keep up our position, for the unity of body, mind and spirit refers to our own opinion, which is conditioned by our personal philosophy of life. When we experience a violation of this philosophy or self-respect, we can experience changes in the spine in the form of various kinds of pain, cramps, problems with nerves and other problems. Holistic recommendation is philosophical consideration of attitudes, the search possibly outdated ideas about yourself that such trauma highlights, like any problem with self-esteem that we have.

Sacrum - what is sacred. The foundation of one's philosophy of life is what one holds sacred and life-giving, so that whatever we are divine (under whatever name) happens, it affects our relationship with the bottom of the spine. If you experience something that can upset the relationship with the divine, we can experience a response in the form of pain, displacement of bones or other injuries. Holistic recommendations reconnection with the divine in any way possible - meditation, courses of spiritual development and even religious revival. The point is to realign with the divine.

HIPS - refer to the rhythm of life. Cook by rhythm or speed of our movement in the movement, and therefore, whatever causes or changing the pace of our lives (from aging to sudden demands for faster progress) can cause trauma to the hip. It is recommended to re-evaluation of the pace of our everyday life, with an emphasis on the more sensitive and more efficient pace.

LEGS - personal support. The legs are our primary carriers and the way we stand for themselves and as such, they reflect the holistic meaning of the right to life or financial self-sufficiency. All that changed our ability to self-support can cause a response in the form of pain or injury. Holistic recommendation is self-planning and make changes to Self Support was more viable.

KNEE - bowing to the greater good. Life often puts us in situations where we descend "to its knees" to fulfill the obligations and serve the greater good, and addresses the needs of the family or society. Such situations can trigger a response in the form of problems with his knees, and recommendations for healing is to fully express their feelings while performing their duties in the service of a greater good. In this way we can properly observe its own interests as well as those that are larger than personal importance.

Ankles - change of direction in life. No other part of our anatomy is not so crucial for walking direction such as ankles, and if a holistic point of view, any trauma over which direction to continue and conflict with other people about the direction in which we move together, cause a response in the form of pain or ankle injury. The recommendation is a careful analysis of all areas of life directions and finding areas of conflict with others from the immediate group.

FOOT - taking a stand and submission. We are all influenced by our relationships with others and is often difficult to achieve that our own attitude is appreciated by those to whom we care and those we work with. When the stress that this causes becomes greater than we can handle, we can suffer from foot problems. Holistic solution in all these situations is to clearly define where "stand" in matters of importance to look for areas of conflict with others and achieve our position is recognized and endorsed by the people around us.

SOLE - contact with nature. The skin of our feet is the most contact with Mother Earth because she consequently bear all the stress that we have because of the lack of contact with nature. Injury or other problems on the soles of the feet indicate a greater need to connect with nature, which can be achieved in several ways.

We are all responsible for the quality of the energy emitted in the collective consciousness of the planet. Raising personal frequency and vibration through the cultivation of higher feelings, we will slowly but surely erase the suffering, pain, sadness and sense of separation from the source. Only the purification of their own bodies and care about the quality of thoughts and emotions that transfer of power will create a new level of health in all of us.

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