tutorial: how to create a hugel culture garden

below are pictures of the supplies you will need: Logs, soil, mulch and plants
Here are the logs and twigs to be used. generally speaking you should use more logs.

the next step is to pile mulch all over the logs and twigs. The purpose of all this is to have a nice moisture base which will attract fungus to hold in more moisture. Also, the wood chips and logs serve as a sustained nutrient supply over a long period of time: years.

once all of your wood carvings are spread out you want to start adding the soil...

after the soil is added you want to add your plants. For this project I chose bok choy, cauliflower, broccoli, romaine lettuce and kholrabi.

here is the finished product, time to eat!

thankyou for learning with me.
Here is a nice hugel culture youtube video that helped me:


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