6 ways to use fungi to clear pollution:

Paul Stamets has the kind of forward-thinking mind that stands to make a real difference for the future of the planet. At first, it may seem strange to be as passionate about fungus as Stamets is, but his vision is in many ways parallel to mine: improves the health of the population and the planet using natural means.

"There are more species of fungi, bacteria, and protozoa in a single scoop of soil than there are plants and vertebrate animals in all of North America," Stamets writes in his book Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World (which, by the way, is well worth reading if you find this topic as intriguing as I do).

And it seems there is virtually no limit to what these fungal spores - which Stamets calls "the neurological network of nature" - can do:

  • Restore habitat that's been devastated by pollution
  • Naturally fight flu viruses and other diseases
  • Kill ants, termites, and other insects without using pesticides
  • Create a sustainable fuel known as Econol

It's hard to imagine that in one cubic inch of soil, there could be eight miles of mycelium - or that it can hold 30,000 times its mass. But, then again, the best solutions are often the most obvious - and the simplest. And as the first organism to come to land - many thousands of years ago and still going strong - fungi must be doing something right.

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