Food, Diet and our Personalities

Have you ever wondered what correlation food has on our attitudes and personalities? This is not a very common question asked and is often overlooked. As food plays an absolutely important role in our behaviors and thoughts. Food is what builds us and each cell and molecule in our bodies are constantly interchanging and replacing themselves with new ones. Eating the right foods will play an important part in our Holistic living. Eating wrongly could result in so many unwanted scenarios that the list is priceless.

We'll start with meat. Did you know that if you are an eater of animals you will often experience the emotions that the animal went through? So, for instance, if the animal was raised in a happy setting such as a cow out in a pasture feeding on grass then you will most likely experience happy feelings after eating meat from this type of cow. But if you eat meat from a cow that was raised indoors all it's life and not eating grass you will most probably develop and often experience emotions such as fear, hatred, aggression, sadness and even paranoia. Why is this? Because this cow, pig or chicken was raised inside in fear for its life and most of the time the growing process was sped up. Also, the emotions of fear, depression, sadness, etc. get stuck inside the meat of the animals and when you eat this meat you will absorb these molecules. [1] Do I recommend eating cow and drinking their milk all the time? No, I do not, this is just a common example.

In any case you will absorb the fear, the depression, the sadness and the anxiety that a tortured animal went through. It is common that many animals such as pigs, chickens, cows and other livestock are raised in unhealthy and unhappy environments in an indoors factory. Usually these animals are injected with steroids and antibiotics to help them grow faster.[2] Imagine what happens when these steroids or other chemicals get into your body. Do you know the harmful effect that steroids have on you? Things such as bloating, adrenal fatigue, loss of libido, anger(usually violent outbursts called roid rage), mood swings and depression are common side effects of steroids or antibiotic use. [3] Have you ever noticed a lot of men(and even some women) in gyms these days? Many of the very muscular ones are actually eating meat from animals raised on steroids with the additional supplements or steroid alternative products sold at the gym or the local "Nutrition" shop such as GNC , Vitamin Shoppe or other pill distributor. So they're very muscular and nice looking but they're literally poisoning themselves and most of them are actually very sick internally.

White bread, pasteurized milks and certain coffees are also a culprit. This is a traditional diet in many countries such as Europe and North America. People often quite commonly like to go to the local coffee shop and fill their coffee with creamer and buy a bagel or a sandwich. Much of the time this coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides, the creamer is not organic and to make situations worse it is pasteurized and the bagels, sandwich breads or pastries are genetically modified as well. Just because you're eating a sandwich with wheat bread doesn't make you any healthier. White bread, for one, is bleached most of the time and most people cannot digest gluten, the protein in wheat and rye responsible for bloating and Celiac disease. [4] This is a common problem most people overlook and completely ignore even when they consciously know better.

What happens when we bloat? Bloating is caused from inflammation in one or more organs(from diet), including malfunctions that may accumulate in the nervous system such as the nerves that connect the internal organs to the muscular system. In short, when an organ malfunctions, due to a chemical food additive or a pesticide, the muscle on the same nerve channel as this organ will deactivate. This will cause bloating and fatigue. An example would be if a person has weak lungs due to excessive cigarette smoking. The lungs connect to the brain through the cardiopulmonary nerves which stem from the first to the fourth thoracic vertebrae(the upper back).

Inhibition of oxygen intake will deactivate these nerves and thus weaken the muscles in the region of T1 to T4 of the upper back. This will lead to injuries eventually due to muscles inability to effectively stabilize the spine(also known quite commonly as muscle imbalances). Another example would be a weak liver, stomach or other digestive organ that could create back pain through the inhibition of the Splanchnic nerves. These nerves innervate from the fifth thoracic vertebrae down to the third and fourth Lumbar vertebrae. The back pain arises out of a dysfunctional digestive organ and concurrent dysfunctional lower back musculature. This is where our personality changes can come from.

Looking at this from a Holistic standpoint, back pain and shoulder pain and even organ pains can cause you to feel tired, depressed, irritable, annoyed and quite commonly very angry. As a result of improper dieting (consuming chemical additive based foods or foods coated with pesticides and Herbicides or highly processed foods) you get annoyed or angry from back pain that started internally. Often times, people will take their annoyance or anger out on each other in arguments, road rage, domestic violence, divorces, firing useful employees, etc. To most people, there is a difference between being angry from a person trying to harm you and being angry from a person asking a simple question.

When you couple this type of energy with the energy of that of a sick animal that one just ate you will get a sometimes very bad attitude in a person. A lot of this is avoidable, however, with organically grown food. I highly recommend sending your children off to an organic or sustainable farm or a community supported agriculture at least a couple times a week or a couple times a month. However, if you can, live on one. The point is is that you will develop their nervous systems properly and give them a chance to experience a good upbringing. Much of "modern" societies food is not food at all. You might say to yourself that one or two food ingredients "isn't going to hurt you" or that it's okay to have "Comfort Food every once in a while". While this may sound very appealing, this is not a conducive way to think when trying to better yourself. It is in fact pretty damaging to your adrenals.

Can you imagine what will happen when you get a person who has eaten meat from a non-organic source combined with chemically based food compared to a person who eats grass-fed meats combined with proper vegetables, fruits, nuts/legumes and enough water? Seafood counts as organic because it is wild caught usually and most areas of the ocean are relatively non-polluted compared with the rest of the earth. On the contrary, most of earth's waters and oceans are being fished out. There is no comparison, one person will get sick and degenerate while the other one will experience happiness.

Another recommendation is to eat meat once per week while the rest of the week is plant based or just avoiding meat altogether like the Hunza people often do. [5] You will notice that most of the people who eat commercial based steroid/antibiotic meat products and chemical foods will often times have a very bad attitude and suffer what is known as "Stinkin' Thinkin". This means their thoughts can be downright wrong sometimes and usually their personality changes from their normal selves simply because of what they ate. They often becomes selfish, grouchy or easily irritated. A word of advice is if you can't pronounce it then just don't eat it. Most foodin modern society is mystery food and you don't really know what's in it until you've grown it yourself, which is actually very comforting too.

You will notice that most people who eat organically or consume only real foods will often times have more patience, more empathy, more happiness and very importantly more energy(for things like work, love, family and life chores in general). By consuming only real foods I mean ONLY consuming real foods whenever possible. There is no "cheat days" such as how modern bodybuilders live, consuming only protein all week and then have that one special day of cakes and cookies. This is backwards thinking. My recommendation is to skip cheat day and skip the "Comfort Foods" that you fall asleep to T.V. with because they're not going to make you any better. You can consume healthy fats everyday and still remain healthy. Studies done on Rats and Mice by Sir Robert McCarrison have shown the comfort of "Comfort Foods" when these tiny creatures began killing each other after only a few days of research. [6]

To conclude, this is how most common foods effect our attitude and personalities via disrupting our internal self. It is very intricate and technical and shouldn't be ignored or overlooked especially if you have children and family, love them and want whats best for them. We are all extended human family, after all. If you did find yourself in a situation or multiple situations where you have no choice but to consume bad foods then you will at least be equipped with this knowledge to know whats going on with your body and hopefully avoid future complication. The Earth, the atmosphere and the sky all have very large amounts of energy and it is important for us to be outside and in touch with nature as much as possible to dissipate any negative energies that we may have accidentally accumulated from unwholesome foodstuffs. Too much city and industrial social consolidation leads to sickness in my opinion. The closer we are to nature, however, the closer we get to our true selves which is ultimately supposed to be happiness.

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[2] Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
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[6] Study: McCarrisons Rats by Sir Robert McCarrison


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