Discovering You

God said:

Whatever is bothering you, you don't have to like it. By the same token, you can live with it. What you don't like doesn't have to ruin your day. Not at all. Even along with what seems to cause you unhappiness, you can be happy.

Let us say you go to a party, and your heel catches on the hem of your beautiful dress, and, there you are, at a gala party with your hem hanging down. A hanging hem doesn't have to ruin your time at a party. You with your hem fallen can still have a good time. You don't have to fiddle with the hem. You don't even have to be embarrassed. A fallen hem isn't the determinant of your happiness or of your unhappiness.

Nor does rain have to spoil your picnic.

Nor does a broken romance have to interfere with your happiness. Nor does a broken heart. A broken heart and happiness can coexist.

What really has changed, beloveds? Life has had its say, and you are still you. You are still alive, and more life is ahead of you. Life will present other gifts to you. You may be being presented right now with the gift of moving on, growing up, appreciating life. No one breaks your heart. You decide it's broken. You say you can't live without this and so in life, yet, of course, you can. You will. You have before.

You are not a child who says: "I have to have THAT candy and no other." Nor does life say to you: "Take THIS candy, or none at all."

You are sure that life can give you one trouble after another. Be just as sure that life can heap you up with treasures.

Get to know yourself well. You are one of your treasures. Get to know yourself. Be as devoted to yourself as you have been to another. You can always be with yourself, and you don't think that is so marvelous. Why do you think someone or something else is more wonderful than you?

Maybe, if you got to know yourself better, you might change your mind. Become more aligned with yourself. What do you like? Never mind so much what someone else likes about you. What do you like?

True, no one can ever replace one who may have left you, and no one can replace you either. You are irreplaceable. You are not a dime a dozen. You are special. No one can offer you to yourself. Only you. You are a good catch. You are worth something. You are worth a lot. Be worth it to yourself. Beloveds, you are one of the good ones in the world.

Start off with valuing yourself. Be the first. There is no need to wait for someone else to recognize you. Recognize yourself. As you shine your light, others will see you. Yet, whatever others see matters little next to what you see.

It's not necessary to compare yourself with anyone. You are incomparable. You are your own person. You are your own soul. You are looking for yourself to be recognized in the eyes of another. Use your own eyes.

You want someone else to write a book about you. Write your own book. Your life does not depend upon a ghost writer. Speak for yourself. Honor yourself. Tell a good story. You are telling a story never told before. It is your story to unfold. You are the writer. You are the publisher. Ultimately, you are the reader of your own tale. Value the tale you spin.

Heavenletter #4400 Published on: December 11, 2012

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