Damage of the Pineal Gland and why we don't heal

Damage of the Pineal Gland and Why We Don't Heal
By unilibrium.net [7/10/2016]

Have you ever wondered if fluoride is good or bad for you? Maybe you needed to lose weight, had cancer or you have a coordination issue where it is hard to balance. These are very common things that happen to us when we have a mind full of damage, calcification or aren't educated about what to do to prevent and correct common ailments such as these. You read that correctly, we can actually have a brain with too much calcium in it. This will eventually lead to problems. So we will go over them now.

Pineal Gland

We will start with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a gland in the middle of our brain and it will become heavily calcified over time without adequate nutrition and most notably, magnesium and phosphatase to counter balance the calcium. The pineal gland is the gland that works with helping us to sleep (along with the gland called the 'suprachiasmatic nucleus' which actually governs our sleep/wake cycles) and also is associated with psychic intuition(clairvoyance) and telepathy(clairaudience or clear hearing) A lot of detectives have been known to use things like psychic abilities to solve unsolvable cases. These are the "sixth sense" that we humans naturally have. When the pineal gland is calcified it becomes either slowed down or completely blocked.

If the brain and the mind is the control center of the entire body, wouldn't it make sense to keep our pineal gland clean and uncalcified? To answer that question, yes, it would make a lot of sense. A government is the control center of a nation and the brain is the control center of the body. The pineal gland is like the oval office. It has to have energy running through it smoothly or the rest of the body wont function properly. This would make you the president of your body.

Our pineal gland also craves sunlight. Being awake during the day and getting natural vitamin D and sunlight is great. This helps it to evolve. I think of it like the following metaphor. If a boat is full of water it will most likely sink unless it is flushed out fast enough. If a pineal gland is full of chlorine, fluoride, or too much calcium then the person will most likely suffer, it will seem like their life is "sinking". They may have a hard time losing weight, a hard time with balance, getting to sleep at night or even growing muscle. They could experience work stress, marital stress, general poor health and the list goes on. This is the command center of your brain and body, after all, and it needs to be functional or the rest of the body won't work correctly.

In medical system of acupuncture there are energy meridians that are built into the body which allow 'chi' energy to flow through us naturally. This is considered a type of universal energy that flows through each of us and when it is not flowing correctly, the result is that the body will suffer from disease ailments that are sometimes debilitating. We should include that it is also essential that the chi energy flows through our minds and our pineal gland as well. With a blocked or damaged gland, wouldn't it make sense that your energy levels would drop or that you may experience various health problems throughout your day to day activities in life?

Below is an example of what a calcified pineal gland looks like borrowed from a book on Neuroanatomy[1]:

According to this CT scan, there is a calcified pineal gland as well as a calcified glomus and a skull fracture. We will focus on the pineal gland in depiction C.

What causes calcification?

My observation is that the cause of pineal gland calcification and blockage is quite obvious, too much calcium. Add to this a chemical cocktail of bad foods and we have created a disaster. But why are we getting so much calcium? The simple answer is that many peoples diets consist of the wrong nutrition. From a common perspective, many people are consuming white bread products which may consist of flour that has been bleached with chlorine. Additionally, there is too much milk being consumed, particularly from cows.

Another bad thing that happens to our pineal gland is contact with fluoride or chlorine. Many cities have been fluoridating their water supplies as well as chlorinating them with trace amounts of these two chemicals. Over time they have been shown to cause severe damage to peoples pineal glands. There are studies that have shown pineal glands that look like they have been almost severed in half when exposed to these chemicals. There are also studies that showed x ray scans of pineal glands when they are heavily calcified and blocked.

The human body cannot function properly with fluoride in the bloodstream, as it will completely damage many functions of the body including our main control center, the pineal gland. How does so much fluoride get into the bloodstream so quickly? A lot of fluoride comes from toothpaste and city municipal water supplies. One of the quickest ways that people have poisoned themselves would be to use an analogy. If a user of chewing tobacco puts an amount of chewing tobacco under his front lower lip under the teeth, the nicotine enters the bloodstream quicker and gives him a high or a rush. Fluoride from toothpaste will enter the bloodstream also very quickly by the same mechanism. If you brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste for 2 minutes and then gargle with fluoridated and chlorinated water, you can see that quite literally you will develop damage over time if not right then. Below is a picture of what would be a damaged pineal gland:

In a study on dairy products done by Keith Nemec, M.D., he showed that milk contains Casein, a milk protein, and is a common cause of many of today's food allergies. Nemec concluded that Casein needs the enzyme 'rennin', to break down, but rennin isn't present in humans after the age of four. [2] In addition to humans not being able to perfectly digest cow milk, most of the products sold are pasteurized which destroys the enzyme 'Phosphatase'. It is interesting to note that Phosphatase is necessary for calcium assimilation. It seems that the body could be getting calcium from an incorrect source and a deficiency of Phosphatase and Magnesium creates pineal gland damage and blockages over time. Could too much fluoride coupled with an overly calcified pineal gland be the cause of psychotic disorders and other mental disturbances?

Normalization: What will de-calcify the gland?

One of the ways to keep it de-calcified and balanced is to consume foods high in magnesium and phosphatase. If you need to decalcify it faster because you literally just learned this information then you may want to immediately go out and buy a magnesium supplement to start the process as soon as possible. This isn't one of those things you want to delay. It's like getting your car alignment adjusted and normal again. But if you wait a long time to do your car alignment, things will only get worse.

Of course we have discussed possible sources for decalcification. Magnesium, Phosphatase and avoiding fluoride and chlorinated bleached food products.[3] Avoiding cow milk altogether sounds promising. Is it to say that we should avoid all animal milk products? Nature intended these products for the animals offspring, afterall. There are various sources of other types of milk products as our solutions such as coconut, cashew, almond, rice, quinoa and even hemp milk. Many of these with much better sources of various minerals that are more easily absorbed by the body. Foods rich with magnesium are dark leafy greens, fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon are some examples), beans and lentils, pumpkin seeds, avocado, figs, bananas and even dark chocolate.

Quite plainly, we want to avoid consuming any food that has been highly refined or processed. We want to avoid synthesized calcium, synthesized vitamins and unnatural sources of foods. All of the vitamins and mineral fortification that any person needs can come strictly from foods. Why don't we heal? It is when we are consuming foods unfit to our metabolic and genetic makeup. What is healthy for an eskimo may not be healthy for an amazonian tribes person for example. Eskimos eat fish and liberal amounts of animal fat from the arctic and amazonians will eat a more plant oriented diet.

Our bodies evolve through time to fit our own survival needs based upon weather conditions and environmental stress factors. Biological characteristics that we develop are based upon the outcome of the interaction of our heredity and our environment. [4] We literally change our body composition according to the environment we live in over time. It seems for us to heal we have to match the conditions that are right for us from genetic originality and use the holistic solutions provided for us and implement them into our healing program.

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