Using the Caduceus

When pulling information from unilibrium please keep in mind that we use the Caduceus symbol.
This is the symbol used by the medical community and even emergency responders in the military field.

The caduceus represents the two invisible energies that flow up and through our spinal chord.
Many may call this energy the 'Kundalini' energy. It is basically a symbol from ancient egypt.

How we Use the Caduceus

We simply want to use this symbol to heal ourselves. We want to use this symbol, also, to help others.
If you are injured, going through a hardship or some other trauma has occured, then the caduceus is a symbol of energy that we can come from.


  • Injuries can be sudden onset but may take a long time to heal. Examples: sprained ankle, tendonitis, torn rotator cuff

  • Diseases of the organs may seem to have just appeared "overnight" but have been dormant for many months or even years. It will also take time for them to heal as well.

  • If you are in psychological trauma try: sound therapy, color therapy, mandala making

  • Trying to lose weight: important to keep in mind that it took a long time to gain the weight, so it will also take a long time to lose the weight

  • Too injured for exercise: try tai chi/QiGong, breathing, relaxation and massage, hydrotherapy, physical therapy and walking.

  • Learning motor movement after physical injury: physical therapy, meditation and programming new motor engrams into the nervous system. (This takes a long time in certain instances)

  • If you work a high stress job sometimes simply taking a half-hour to 45 minute nap during the day can be medically coherent. It is suggested to tell your boss or employer for approval first.


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