About Me

Hi, My name is Blake(My Native American name is Star Child.
Here is a list of Native American names examples: link here).
I created unilibrium.net

A bit about me:

I enjoy researching UFOs, Astrology and Paranormal Activity.
This is my communication.


Some goals for unilibrium:
  • Education
  • Bring people together through Astrology
  • Align us with "who-we-really-are"
  • Sustainable lifestyles

I compiled this website to help guide us in the direction that we need to go to be where we need to be in order to have a sense of fulfillment.

When the education from unilibrium is applied in one's lifestyle, he or she will gather information about the universe, the body/mind/spirit connection and get into alignment with their authentic self. The result of this will create a guideline and pathway toward their own health and wellness.

Please Note: A lot of this is for people who are injured, confused, unhealthy or mis-educated.

My philosophy

It is my philosophy (and probably many other's as well) that we are not "adults". We are all Star Children of the universe. Have you ever heard the saying that goes: "Don't grow up, it's a trap" ? So many identify as an adult in today's world and then are hurt badly as a result of letting someone else define who they are.

There is a scripture in common bibles from the book of matthew that says we must all return to being like children to receive the kingdom of heaven(if you consider heaven to be a pollution-free world). I identify as a "starchild" because we are all projections of the outer universe(the Parent Stars in the universe beyond earth and beyond our solar system). People younger than me are considered Indigo children, Crystal children, Rainbows, Starseeds, etc. There are so many ways to label "who-we-really-are". The sun, the zodiac constellations and all the rest of it. The universe is the absolute here and I have a great respect for it. Do you?


My skills include Astrology and Agriculture. I also know how to help the injured through Corrective Exercise and Holistic Health.

Thankyou for visiting my spot on the web ~
Much Peace and god bless


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