The Ancient 5 Element System

metal: means the function of accepting and giving, communication, the metabolism, and the rhythm of life on the material and energetic level.

water: means the function of the vital and emotional energy. everything that flows in the body, such as lymph, blood, saliva, urine, etc., has a relationship to this element. it imparts flexibility to the body-mind-soul and the ability to let energy flow.

wood: represents growth, as well as secure rooting in the material world (grounding), and the ability to shape one's own life in a way that is responsible and meets needs. this element has a particular relationship to the spinal column and the joints.

fire: means the function of vital energy, warmhearted-ness, and dynamic force. even in the western concept of alchemy's comparable process of seperating the "pure from the impure," fire also seperates things within the body-mind-soul. it can also be symbolically described as the energy of ilumination. the fire of love, sexuality, eroticism, bodily warmth, and the immune system are also controlled by the fire element.

earth: describes the life-bearing function of the body-mind-soul. all other energetic elements are dependent on earth as a source of energy, are maintained and nourished by it. earthly can also be described by the japanese terms of "being in the hara," which means being centered, being at repose within yourself. earth thereby lends the ability to go through the turbulent times of life and the quality of liveliness in an equilibrium and a balanced state.

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